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In-Home Personal Training….

We come to you with all of the equipment needed for a GREAT workout!

At Total Package Wellness, our mission is to help our clients achieve wellness of mind and body through physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle by providing education, motivation, and accountability.

Is Total Package Wellness Right For Me?

Too busy to go to the gym? Sick of waiting in lines to use equipment? Tired of sitting in rush hour traffic after a long day at work? Would you like to workout in the privacy of your own home? Do you want to lose weight or just tone up? Sometimes, it is hard to get started on a workout program many times because of lack of time, convenience, or motivation.

Here is the good news: Give yourself a gift that will get you in the best shape of your life! No matter what fitness level you are, Total Package Wellness can help you achieve any fitness and health goal. A program will be custom designed for you so you will not get bored with the same old workout and you won’t even have to leave your home!